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Nursing student inspired by mother's cancer battle

Student of the Week: Kimberlee Quintanilla

One of my biggest motivations is my mother. She has breast cancer and I really want to help other families out just the way doctors and nurses have helped my mom.

STC Student of the Week Kimberlee Quintanilla

Kimberlee Quintanilla, a 19-year-old with unwavering determination, is pursuing her dream in the medical field, driven by a heartfelt desire to make her mother proud amidst her courageous battle with breast cancer. 

"One of my biggest motivations is my mother,” said Quintanilla. “She has breast cancer and I really want to help other families out just the way doctors and nurses have helped my mom.” 

Inspired by the nurses who cared for her mother during her treatments, Quintanilla is dedicated to bringing compassion and healing to the lives of future patients. The first step - navigating her way to earning her associate degree in Nursing. 

“On a day that I accompanied my mom to her treatment, the nurse who was helping us talked to us about her job,” she said. “She was a travel nurse and she told me so many positive things about the job. That’s when I started to get interested in the medical field.” 

In Quintanilla’s family, education has been a journey filled with ups and downs. Her older brother successfully graduated from STC, and she said he played a pivotal role in guiding her through the registration process. 

“We both really wanted to stay close to home for our mom, and STC was the best option for both of us,” said Quintanilla. 

Her academic journey is currently unfolding at STC’s Mid-Valley campus and her experiences on campus extend beyond the classroom. She credits her active involvement in Student Activities to Randy Ginez, an STC Student Activities specialist. She said he explained about the different opportunities within the department and encouraged her to be a part of it. 

“I have been working with them (Student Activities Department) for about a year and it has had a great impact on my life,” she said. “I find myself more involved and I enjoy meeting new students that are just as passionate about education as I am.” 

Quintanilla also dedicates her time to STC’s Intramural Sports, she said she enjoys volleyball the most. She encourages her peers to explore the options the department of Student Activities offers. She emphasizes the importance of having a balance between academics and a well-rounded college experience. 

“On-campus involvement is not just about personal enjoyment, but it also gives you a sense of community,” said Quintanilla. For more information on the opportunities and Intramural Sports STC offers its students, visit life.southtexascollege.edu/intramural-sports/