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STC student’s positivity leads her to success

Student of the Week: Daiyanara Gloria

I encourage students to pick themselves up when they fail. It's not over, but a chance to try again.

STC Student of the Week Daiyanara Gloria -

For students who are struggling to find success, South Texas College student Daiyanara Gloria, 20, has a message for them: Trust that you will rise after failures.

As a first-generation college student, Gloria understands the difficulty students may have adjusting to a world that isn’t familiar to them. But, she says her persistence and hard work has led her to STC. And, she’s dedicated to sharing what she’s learned along the way with other students.

“One thing I say to students is to do it for yourself,” Gloria said. “I always try to be sure about my decisions, because everyone has hard days, but you have to keep going, because it’s your life. Whatever you do, and whatever you try to do in school, it’s possible to accomplish.”

The Rio Grande City native is a Criminal Justice major at the Starr County campus and is currently the president of the Criminal Justice Club.

"I think the reason why I got here is because I always believe in everybody,” Gloria said about her leadership position. “I always think that everybody has a chance to have a great future here at STC. And, I like to make them feel welcomed.”

Gloria said she was involved in her high school’s ROTC program, where she was a commander and rifle commander. She was part of the Border Patrol Explorers, a volunteer program designed for young men and women to receive experience in and exposure to law enforcement careers within U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

"It was a really great experience and I got to meet some really important people," Gloria said. "I was even able to travel to Washington D.C. If I decide to go into (U.S.) Customs, I'll already know what to expect, so that’s pretty reassuring.”

Gloria said education wasn’t an easy journey for her. As someone who came from a Spanish-speaking household, she felt overwhelmed at times. But, support from her elementary and middle school teachers and coaches made a lasting impact on her life.

"My teachers and coaches wrote beautiful notes to me and made me push harder and try to go to high school," Gloria said. "Thanks to them, I kept believing in myself and kept pushing. And here I am today. Right now, I have all As in my classes, and I'm so proud of myself."

She sees and appreciates all the work her mom does to help her reach her dreams.

"I wanted to make my mom proud,” Gloria said. “I see how she tries her hardest, even when she’s tired. I want to give her something back. I think she deserves that.”

Gloria said nothing will stop her from earning her degree, and encourages students to carry a positive mindset with them throughout their semesters at STC. And, to know that if they’re struggling, to trust that their time to succeed will come.

"I encourage students to pick themselves up when they fail," Gloria said. "It's not over, but a chance to try again."