Student of the Week - Giselle Reyes,
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Student of the Week: Giselle Reyes


Student-parent and employee, Giselle Reyes finds her fit in business and success with STC’s management degree. Reyes shares finding her career fit in one of the four baccalaureate degrees offered at South Texas College

Valley native and working mother, Giselle Reyes works hard to set an example for her daughter when finding success.

Reyes has followed in similar family footsteps in attending South Texas College and the career path she’s chosen.

“It’s an affordable college and it’s here at home,” said Reyes.

Though she shares she took the more traditional route by attending college right after high school, her first job shortly after high school graduation was in a place of customer service - something she found relatable to her STC courses.

“I’ve always wanted to work in the medical field, I just didn’t know where exactly I’d fit in,” she said. “And right now, I’m working at H-E-B working with people every day and am liking the business aspect.”

In the Medical and Health Services Management degree Reyes is pursuing, one particular class helped her navigate that fit.

“I think the class that really did it for me was the HR in Healthcare,” Reyes said. “I really enjoyed that class and this was something I was definitely interested in and it’s something I can see myself doing in the long run.”


Giselle Reyes
“As I am taking my classes, I’m getting to know more of what I want to do.”  
Giselle Reyes

She hopes in the near future she can work in human resources in the medical field or manage her own clinic.

“As I am taking my classes, I’m getting to know more of what I want to do.”

She not only credits the college for its affordability, the experiences you get from the classes and the availability of professors but enrolling with the bachelor degree program and advice from a family friend is helping her find that success.

“I have a close relative who followed a similar track as me but started in the nursing field first,” Reyes shares. “She now manages a department as the director and says that it really helps both sides of the medical field and not just the business or medical aspect.”

Reyes has already started her track, beginning with the business aspect of assisting others on the daily. She sets the tone of what success looks like for her and her daughter.

“It’s not always going to be easy; you’re definitely going to have your challenges but it’s worth it,” Reyes said. “If you want to be successful in the long-run, I feel that you have to go to school to get that experience in learning and how you should be in a professional setting or whichever career you’re choosing.”

Reyes will graduate with her bachelor's this fall and would like to obtain a master's or enroll in nursing school.

She also thanks her family for continuing to motivate her throughout her last semester.