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Student of the week: Amy Olivares

Fostering a love for reading and writing since she was a child, Amy Olivares says she has utilized her talents to one day pursue a career working for book publishers or with ESL students. Highlighting STC’s role in helping her grow as a communicator, Amy is an editor and educator in the making at South Texas College.

A 2015 graduate of Rio Grande City High School, Amy has worked as a note-taker for the counseling department at STC’s Starr County Campus for the last two years. Often quiet and reserved, Amy took the lead at the department during the fall of 2016 to assist and train incoming note-takers with the duties of the office.

She graduates from STC this May, and plans to attend the University of Texas-San Antonio as a junior in the fall, pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in English.

“I have always loved reading, even as a child, down the line I realized I was pretty good with words and eventually I would help everyone with essays and stories,” Amy said. “I was doing editing, and I still do it to this day. I enjoy it. Whether it’s helping others or just help them get better.”

Throughout her time at STC, Amy has managed to balance school, work very well and has maintained a GPA of 3.6 for three consecutive semesters. Staff have recognized her for her leadership, charisma and her happy can-do attitude.

“I have a really big interest in analyzing and editing, and I would like to teach English as a second language either here in the United States or abroad,” she said about her future plans. “I would like to be an editor in a publishing company and maybe teach as well. I would like to edit novels.”

Top three accomplishments:

“Well, I’m about to graduate and then I’m going to transfer to UTSA in the fall. I will be getting my bachelor’s degree in English.

“Since I am a first generation college student, I feel really good that I am getting my education. My mom didn’t get past middle school and my father didn’t get past high school so this is a big deal.”

“I have younger siblings, so it’s really satisfying that I am setting a good path and example for them.”

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