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Student of the Week: Jocelyn Pinte

Above everything else, Jocelyn Pinte believes that college is about learning and thinking of the future. Striving to excel, Jocelyn has emerged an excellent role model to her peers and is a teacher in the making at South Texas College.

Originally from El Salvador, Jocelyn says she arrived to the United States as a middle school student and eventually graduated from Johnny G. Economedes High School in Edinburg. Taking a year off after high school, Jocelyn said she opted to turn her proficiency in Spanish into a career in education.

“Spanish is my first language, that’s why I would like to teach it. I’m going to school to learn more about the language, and teach others about it,” she said. ““I chose secondary education because I want to be a Spanish teacher. I would like to be a high school teacher. I’m taking my basics here before I plan to transfer to another university.”

Faculty at STC say Jocelyn is a very determined student who is very mature and focused for her age. She strives to excel at her work as referenced by her grades, which is not easy when you are new to college and trying to find your way.

“I didn’t know how to start at first but my brother in my law helped me with the paperwork and my FAFSA. A few weeks before college started, I enrolled. I started last year,” she said. “I believe college is about learning and thinking of your future.”

Top three accomplishments:

“One of my accomplishments is passing my classes with mostly A’s.”

“I appreciate coming to school because even though it has been complicated for me, I do my best to come and I have nearly perfect attendance.”

“I have always strived to study hard and have great communication with my teachers here.”

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