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Student of the Week: Angela Salinas

Angela Salinas

Angela Salinas is a dedicated student and mother of two girls, with her sights set on pursuing a career in law enforcement in the near future. Despite being in her first semester, professors at STC say she is showing signs of future academic success.

Angela said she recently attended career day at her children’s elementary school. At that event there were parents who were doctors and policemen, and when they asked students to raise their hands, those who had parents who had graduated college, her children were among those who didn’t raise their hands.

“I felt very sad. That was an eye-opener. For them to come and tell me that everybody else’s parents went to college except me, I immediately knew I wasn’t going to put it back any more. I would be the first of my three siblings in my family to get a college degree,” Angela said. “It’s about setting your mind to do things. It’s the way you think. I got the point where enough was enough. I didn’t want to be limited anymore.”

Salinas, a single parent of two, had attended STC previously in 2006 but dropped out due to family concerns. She returned to STC this fall, 2017.

“It was tough to come back because I had that money to pay back from my first time here, so I just kept putting it off,” Angela said. “I started making excuses, and eventually it became one thing after another. It wasn’t until very recently that I thought that if I didn’t do something about it, it was now or never. I made a choice to sacrifice”

She is currently pursuing an Associate in Applied Science with the hopes of receiving a Bachelor’s degree and entering the field of Law Enforcement.

“For students who are in the same situation like me I would tell them to stop making excuses. There is a lot of help here. People are here to help you. A lot of us come back thinking we’re going to be stuck and not know where to go for help, but it’s very rewarding. Right at the beginning at orientation, they give you all this information, they are not going to keep anything from you.”

Top three accomplishments:

“So far, becoming a student was a huge step.”

“I have an A average so far.”

“Just having the discipline to get the grades I am currently getting has been a great accomplishment. It’s staying up late studying after working long hours. The time that you put into it pays off though.”

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