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South Texas College Technology Campus Joins in Celebration of Manufacturing Day

Manufacturing Day is a celebration meant to inspire the next generation of students entering into the industry. This year, South Texas College Manufacturing Technology Department participated in the nationwide celebration with several events beginning on Friday, October 6 and concluding with student site tours on October 27.

“The month of October is manufactory month and this is the Technology Campus’s fourth year partaking in MFG Day,” said Esmer, Program Chair and Assistant Professor for Advance Technology.   On October 6 it was National Manufacturing Day in which about 150 students had the opportunity to hear what manufacturing was, in which ten companies from the RGV area opened their doors for site tours on this day.

The department later held another event on October27 with over 200 students in attendance who heard from several guest speakers sharing their success stories, participated in interactive activities, received exposure to manufacturing, and given manufacturing tours.

Some of these companies included Royal Technologies, Santana Textiles, Edge Factor, Valley Plastics, Amaida Machine shop, and a few others.

Manufacturing Day is nationwide and has grown to 1,000 different colleges and companies. “Manufacturing day is all about making our students aware that there is a future in manufacturing.  We are trying to teach and educate our community in this career field,” said Mario Reyna, Dean of Business and Technology Division.

For more information about the programs offered at South Texas Technology Campus you can contact Esmer Adame at 956-872-6107 or email

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