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Student of the week Horacio Salinas

Horacio Salinas

A natural engineer with a penchant for building things, Horacio Salinas is a hardworking individual who always puts the extra effort and makes it a point to assist others in class.

Described by STC faculty as an “outstanding student”, Horacio is a graduate of Mission Veterans High School who participated in the dual enrollment program and obtained his certificate in Precision Manufacturing.

He now plans to finish his associate degree in Advanced Manufacturing by May 2019 and will then attend the University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley to obtain his bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering.

“I have always been fascinated by building things, especially with just random materials at home. I feel engineering has been a part of me ever since I was little,” Horacio said. “I built tables and birdhouses, and when I was younger I designed my own catapult. These were little things I built.”

While in the Advanced Manufacturing program at STC, Salinas said he studied everything from the principles of machining and manufacturing, programming Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines as well as manual machines like mills and surface grinders.

Salinas said he is especially fond of drafting and the designing of parts for machines. After college, he says he would enjoy a career in avionics or mold making.

“I can see myself working as a designer of molds, which are used to make almost everything. I believe when you have a job, and you have a degree in engineering to fall back on, that gives you a better chance at get an even better job.”

Top three accomplishments:

“I am proud to have received my high school diploma. The Precision Manufacturing certificate I received, and especially taking that dual enrollment class for my degree, is one of best accomplishments.”

“My second accomplishment would be just having the opportunity to continue with education.”

“Finally, to see something turn from a solid piece of metal into something complex…it’s amazing to realize that I made that.”

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